Penny plain about migraine.

Couple of years back when I was a newborn in the field of medicine (still I am!!), I had my first migraine attack in the anatomy lecture hall. I had a slight headache that morning. Towards the end of the class I couldn’t see anything; it was much the same as a dark screen before my eyes for few seconds. I couldn’t understand what was occurring to me and scarcely I could stand, I simply lost adjust of myself and with the assistance of my friends I just sat there in the class for couple of minutes and immediately consulted our physician.
After sometime I had a very severe throbbing right sided headache. It was so painful that I felt someone was hammering my skull consistently from inside to break out. I couldn’t withstand sound of vehicles or any noise which aggravated the headache. I was prescribed medications for a month which had got me a relief.

In spite of that one can get migraine under stress. Migraine can be very much disabling as you cannot focus on your work. Its global prevalence is 14% worldwide and more common among women.

Migraine headache usually affects one half of the head, which is pulsating in nature, and lasts from 2 to 72 hours. It is associated with sensitivity to light; movement, sound and nausea (a feeling of physical unwellness, usually with the desire to vomit) and vomiting often accompany the headache.

People who are mainly affected are
– Women
– Teens
– People who sit in front of computers for long time.
– People of age group between 20 and 55.

What causes Migraine-?

– too much booze.
– excess sleep or lack of it.
– stress and
– whether changes.


– Bright lights and Glare.
– Hunger.
– Physical exertion.
– Hormonal fluctuation during menses.
– Too much Chocolates.
– Too much Cheese.

Facts about migraine
– Depression is three times more common in people with migraine(WHO)
– Migraine attack is among the most disabling illness, comparable to dementia, quadriplegia, and active psychosis. (W.H.O)
– In study most dog owners said their pet recognized their migraine before they did themselves, or during early visual phases and the dogs would typically show unusual attentiveness.
– Migraine sufferers have increased risk for suicide attempts.
– People with migraines have an increased risk of stroke especially among women.
– Medications (NSAIDS like acetaminophen, iboprophen, narcotics and triptans (serotonin receptor agonists prescribed for migraines like sumatriptan, rizatriptan etc) over use can cause migraine.

What can we do to prevent?

– Keep well hydrated since dehydration may trigger migraine.
– Exercise regularly.
– Yoga.
– Meditation.
– Head massage.
– Avoid excess pain killers.
– For immediate relief during work just have a cup of coffee.
– Neem/Indian Lilac (as soup and pickled neem leaves) and clove.

Diet modifications.

Diet rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids can relive headaches.

– Sea foods like salmon and mackerel which contain omega 3 fatty acids help to relive headache.
– Spinach cooked, boiled without salt is also said to relief.
– Flax seeds (Cookies, Bread, Oats).
– Walnuts and walnut oil.
– Soybeans.
– Lavender oil and Eucalyptus Oil (Application over the temples, forehead to soothe a headache).

If you develop any of such symptoms, it is advocated to consult your doctor as early as possible as there are conditions which mimic migraine headache having bad outcomes like –
– Intracranial Hemorrhage (Common in Hypertensive, diabetics, smokers and alcoholics.)
– Cerebral aneurysms (Common in Hypertensive, diabetics, smokers and alcoholics.)
– Space occupying lesions
– Cluster headaches and dissection syndromes.

A Glimpse of passion…

Have you ever felt that the things you’re doing right now are not meant for you? Do doubts constantly creep in your mind regarding what you really want to do??? Do you notice yourself dreaming about it day and night while at the same time you feel you’ve settled down for things which gives instant gratification and a sense of pleasure even if it lasts for just a while???.
I have seen people, who in spite of having everything which makes them complete, a perfect happy life, but they work day and night. I was really surprised. I have such great teachers upon asking about it they replied me like this “this is my work and I am meant for doing it”. He told me “find something you love to do and chase it until you get it”.

There will always be doubts in all of us regarding our ability to do what we really want to do and whether we will be able to do it successfully. During such times, take a look into the history and you’ll see lots of people who have done it. According to Behavioral science, by following passion and intuition we complete ourselves. Most of are doing what we are supposed to do as dictated by others and no really doing what we want to do. In other words we just exist and that’s not really enough for living a life. Sadly, it is easily said than done since most of us let our inner voice get drowned in the dark ocean of fear, doubts and insecurities.

For example, consider the cases involving Joy Mangano and Dr. Alfredo. Joy Mangano starting out from an ordinary life became a self-made millionaire and entrepreneur. Likewise, Dr.Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa who was a migrant farm worker initially went on to become one of the best neurosurgeon in America and also an author and researcher later on.

But the most inspiring story which ignited and moved me is the story of an Indian Administrative Officer by name Mr. Govind Jaiswal. In his interview, he told that while he was preparing for civil service exams, which is one of the toughest exams in India, he used to think twice even to drink a cup of tea which was Rs 4 at that time in Delhi due to his very bad economic conditions. His message clearly conveys that persistence and dedication are the two very important keys to achieve anything in this world in spite of obstacles that come along.
Time does not wait for any of us. It goes on. So it’s up to us to do what we want and live a life filled with passion and dedication. If we go in paths without any clear vision in our minds then it will lead to a complete doom in the end. It’s natural for us as humans to look out for easy things that are in immediate reach when things get difficult in life. But by doing this we will lose the courage to follow our dreams and end up being just mediocre in life.

You might have heard about the Marshmallow Experiment at Stanford University which was led by Walter Mischel, an eminent psychologist of the 20th century. In that study, a child was offered a choice between one small reward provided immediately and two small rewards if they wait for short period of time. The researchers later found that children who were able to wait longer for the preferred rewards tended to have better life outcomes, as measured by SAT scores, educational attainment, body mass index (BMI), and other life measures.

What I realize now after going through certain tough times and facing difficult crossroads in life is that it’s better to live a life with lots of adventures, experimenting and discovering new things so that we reach the core of our true self. Every day is a new day and we can make it for what is left unless today is lived well. It’s not tomorrow or yesterday that matters. There is only one day that does matter and that is today. If not, in end you will regret about your decisions when you realize that you solely responsible for your life because you were always the captain of your own ship.

P.S – A must watch! – why you will fail to have a Great Career ?.


What would you feel when you wake up one day with pain everywhere all over the body? Not able to think clearly and not recalling any past events how you ended up in hospital and now with excruciating pain and can’t even move your limbs. It is the saddest incapacity I ever felt when I was working in the burns ward. The first time when I entered the burns ward I could feel the change in the earth. I could see the faces of patient attendees wearing the mask of sorrow and depression. They would ask every doctor who used to visit the burns ward to know about the condition of the patient. After conversing with all of them of them would say in regards to the torment.

Pain can be classified as Somatic (pain after you would have experienced after fall from the bicycle), Visceral (dull and vague pain caused due to problems in the stomach, bladder etc.) and Neuropathic pain (tingling sensations, burning, pins and needles sensations felt due to injury to spinal cord or peripheral nerves).

But what about the emotional pain or the psychological trauma felt after the burns? Most of the burns were due to accidental as well as suicidal and rarely homicide. The greater part of the female patients would sob peacefully while taking the history about the event. It was an exceptionally miserable and unforeseen minute for me which I had encountered surprisingly. Life can be some of the time truly sudden and unexpected.

The psychological pain or emotional trauma can have prolonged bad impact on the quality of life. It’s not the present, but rather the past events will have the impact and it leads to insecurity about oneself.

The reason uncovered after the search was that because of the perception of event happened by our brain. Our brain neurons are designed in such a way that they change in response to external stimulus, store information and promote survival. Internal representations are made in our brain based upon the external stimuli. Over a period of time neurons become sensitized and even less stimuli can cause considerable emotional pain or suffering. This is also the mechanism of some of the psychiatric disorders and among children, the change in behavioral pattern caused later in life due to child abuse, or any major disturbing event in life which can be as extreme as violent behavior and even a murder.

It is equally important to take care of the emotional well-being along with any medical disability which could be done with the help of support from the family, healthcare faculties, friends and from educational and non-government organizations.

Rapid improvement can be seen if the support comes mainly from the family members. Especially in a country like India where burn injuries are common among the poor society, most are accidental and suicidal. But according to my knowledge after working in burns ward it was quite surprising that accidental burn injuries turned into suicidal and suicidal into homicidal. So it needs a watchful assessment of the patient and regarding the follow-up.

Management can be at various levels but at the individual level behavioral modifications like joining a self- help groups, hobbies etc. Be that as it may, the best practice which has changed the lives of millions is Meditation. That is the best treatment which I can prescribe for any individual who has had any sort of psychological trauma/ emotional pain.

I need you to engrave the words in your brain by my most loved author Dr.Viktor. E .Franklin an Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist and a holocaust survivor from his book “Those who know how close the connection is between the state of mind of a man-his courage and hope, or lack of them-and the state of immunity of his body will understand that the sudden loss of hope and courage can have a deadly effect”.

World Water Day.

The Elixir of life…

Do you know about 1 billion people around the globe do not have access to safe drinking water? It’s quite depressing that we all know about the water crisis most of the people facing but in spite that we never do anything about it. As it is said “When the well is dry, we learn the worth of water”.
• In India around 76 million people don’t have access to safe water.
• 140,000 children die due to diarrhea due to intake of unsafe water.
• Global water demand increases by 40 % in the next 10 years.
• According to Business Insider, India WILL run out of water in the near future.



Imagine yourself walking miles with barefoot in the hot sun to just fetch one vessel of water. Indeed, even I have seen individuals in villages quarreling for bringing water as they need to hold up a long line to simply get one basin of drinking water. That is not irregular to find in villages of India.

The answer for this emergency relies on upon the administration, establishments and for the most part we the general population, we can change this.

At individual level we can truly wisely utilize water by simply settling on a cognizant decision and reacting entirely to the wastage of water by Individual level, Community level and at the national level. For change to happen, best thing should be possible is to bring change inside of us, at the individual level, then family, group etc. It’s a great opportunity to follow up on and never too late to start on.






Maternal and Infant Care.

My very first post….

Maternal and infant care.

One thing which fascinated me when I was working in OBGY department was mother’s card(Thayi Card). In this document all the details of a pregnant women are recorded starting from the day when a woman is diagnosed to be pregnant. All the events are recorded in this card from 1st trimester and till the new born is vaccinated according to the immunization schedule. It is a very useful tool, about which most of the people do not know. It contains details like demographic data ,last menstrual period,expected date of delivery,blood group and other tests which are very useful for a doctor to plan and manage the pregnancy very effectively for the safe delivery.

The thayi card can be obtained from the nearby PHC or sub-centers where the pregnant mother has been registered for regular antenatal care visits. Thayi card can also be obtained from Anganwadi workers, ASHA( Accredited Social Health Activist)worker and ANM(Auxiliary Nurse Midwife).

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Thayi card contains two sections :

-Mother’s details like supplementation of iron tablets, Folic acid tablets, vaccines etc.

-Child’s details like vaccines given as per schedule etc.

The main objective of this ANC (Antenatal care)registration card was to reduce Maternal mortality rate and Infant mortality rate by the programme called Jnani Suraksha Yojana under NRHM(National Rural Health Mission).

But during my rotation what I observed most of them do not know any thing about thayi card .It  was very surprising and upsetting.

It may be due to multiple factors like limited facilities available to them or poor management, very few ANM/ASHA workers, lack of awareness about the scheme and so on. Thus, many social, economical, cultural and environmental factors determine how best we can deliver the health care to people.

At the same time I feel that there should be some effort from the multitude as they are the one who are benefiting from the schemes and some people in spite of having knowledge about the card they do not register and undergo no regular antenatal visits.

There is a need to educate the people, creating awareness regarding this scheme, as it has very good advantages if used properly and it would definitely reduce the maternal deaths and infant deaths.



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