Penny plain about migraine.

Couple of years back when I was a newborn in the field of medicine (still I am!!), I had my first migraine attack in the anatomy lecture hall. I had a slight headache that morning. Towards the end of the class I couldn’t see anything; it was much the same as a dark screen before my eyes for few seconds. I couldn’t understand what was occurring to me and scarcely I could stand, I simply lost adjust of myself and with the assistance of my friends I just sat there in the class for couple of minutes and immediately consulted our physician.
After sometime I had a very severe throbbing right sided headache. It was so painful that I felt someone was hammering my skull consistently from inside to break out. I couldn’t withstand sound of vehicles or any noise which aggravated the headache. I was prescribed medications for a month which had got me a relief.

In spite of that one can get migraine under stress. Migraine can be very much disabling as you cannot focus on your work. Its global prevalence is 14% worldwide and more common among women.

Migraine headache usually affects one half of the head, which is pulsating in nature, and lasts from 2 to 72 hours. It is associated with sensitivity to light; movement, sound and nausea (a feeling of physical unwellness, usually with the desire to vomit) and vomiting often accompany the headache.

People who are mainly affected are
– Women
– Teens
– People who sit in front of computers for long time.
– People of age group between 20 and 55.

What causes Migraine-?

– too much booze.
– excess sleep or lack of it.
– stress and
– whether changes.


– Bright lights and Glare.
– Hunger.
– Physical exertion.
– Hormonal fluctuation during menses.
– Too much Chocolates.
– Too much Cheese.

Facts about migraine
– Depression is three times more common in people with migraine(WHO)
– Migraine attack is among the most disabling illness, comparable to dementia, quadriplegia, and active psychosis. (W.H.O)
– In study most dog owners said their pet recognized their migraine before they did themselves, or during early visual phases and the dogs would typically show unusual attentiveness.
– Migraine sufferers have increased risk for suicide attempts.
– People with migraines have an increased risk of stroke especially among women.
– Medications (NSAIDS like acetaminophen, iboprophen, narcotics and triptans (serotonin receptor agonists prescribed for migraines like sumatriptan, rizatriptan etc) over use can cause migraine.

What can we do to prevent?

– Keep well hydrated since dehydration may trigger migraine.
– Exercise regularly.
– Yoga.
– Meditation.
– Head massage.
– Avoid excess pain killers.
– For immediate relief during work just have a cup of coffee.
– Neem/Indian Lilac (as soup and pickled neem leaves) and clove.

Diet modifications.

Diet rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids can relive headaches.

– Sea foods like salmon and mackerel which contain omega 3 fatty acids help to relive headache.
– Spinach cooked, boiled without salt is also said to relief.
– Flax seeds (Cookies, Bread, Oats).
– Walnuts and walnut oil.
– Soybeans.
– Lavender oil and Eucalyptus Oil (Application over the temples, forehead to soothe a headache).

If you develop any of such symptoms, it is advocated to consult your doctor as early as possible as there are conditions which mimic migraine headache having bad outcomes like –
– Intracranial Hemorrhage (Common in Hypertensive, diabetics, smokers and alcoholics.)
– Cerebral aneurysms (Common in Hypertensive, diabetics, smokers and alcoholics.)
– Space occupying lesions
– Cluster headaches and dissection syndromes.

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