Maternal and infant care (Thayi Card)

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Maternal and infant care.

One thing which fascinated me when I was working in OBG department was mother’s card (Thayi Card). In this document all the details of a pregnant woman are recorded starting from the day when a woman is known to be pregnant. All the events are recorded in this card from 1st trimester and till the new born is vaccinated according to the immunization schedule. It is a very useful tool, about which majority of the people are unaware. It contains details such as demographic data ,last menstrual period,expected date of delivery,blood group and other tests which are very useful for a physician to plan and manage the pregnancy very effectively for the safe delivery.

The thayi card can be obtained from the nearby PHC or sub-centers where the pregnant mother has been registered for regular antenatal care visits. Thayi card can also be obtained from Anganwadi workers, ASHA workers AND ANM.

Thayi card contains two sections –     Mother’s information such as supplementation of iron tablets, Folic acid tablets, vaccines etc.

  • Child’s information such as vaccines given as per schedule.

The main objective of this ANC registration card was to reduce Maternal mortality rate and Infant mortality rate by the programme called Jnani Suraksha Yojana under NRHM.

But during my rotation what I observed most of them do not know any thing about thayi card .It  was very surprising and upsetting.

It may be due to multiple factors like limited facilities available to them or poor management, very few ANM/ASHA workers, lack of awareness about the scheme and so on. Thus, many social, economical, cultural and environmental factors determine how best we can deliver the health care to people.

At the same time I feel that there should be some effort from the multitude as they are the one who are benefiting from the schemes and some people in spite of having knowledge about the card they do not register and undergo no regular antenatal visits.

There is a need to educate the people, creating awareness regarding this scheme, as it is very much beneficial  if used properly and it would greatly reduce the maternal and infant deaths in a developing country like India.


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