Stethoscope And A Cup Of Tea is a voyage and odyssey of self revelation in the field of medicine.

We are what we think and products of our thoughts and time. Experience and learning will have profound effect on our thinking behavior.

I will help with best of my ability to make you to know and discover your new self whose voice was drowned in the darkness. You have the ability to overcome the self imposed limitation in your life. You have within a light of wisdom which will evanesce the darkness of doubt and fear. Every day is a new day and a gift presented to us.

 I believe “the privilege of a life time is being who you are”

 – Joseph Campbell.

 Life is very short and time goes on. It waits for nobody. We have been given only one beautiful life and it’s up to you what you wanna make of it. We require to visually perceive things in a different way, with optimism and love, no matter what the situation we are in and transmute our posture towards life.

I hope this journey touches lives of people for better today and the best of tomorrow.

Just for an instance contemplate our circulatory organ pump – Heart, how many times it beats per minute to sustain us. Nothing can supersede it once it is damaged!!

I will always endeavor my best to post the contents which give you insights about your health , inspire and incentivize you, share cognizance and my everyday surprising, congenial,dubious,baffling experiences of life as a human, student, learner, and a doctor.

I am authentically ecstatic and appreciate that you are reading my blog. The content in the blog will be from the research works, facts, and journals, from my experiences , random thoughts , and the things i learned in the pursuit of life , finding meaning  and knowing thyself.  Hope it brings transformation in all aspects of our lives and be a spark to the blissful life.

Why Stethoscope and A Cup of Tea…….?

These two things have become very paramount part of my life. As a professional, the soul purpose of life of all doctors is to practice, learn and rejuvenate decisively. It’s inevitable to be without these things. I have a weird craving for tea and i love it. So that’s why it is stethoscope and a cup of tea.

Thank you and keep reading my blog.
Et voila!