Hi there!

Probably you would have guessed what this blog is about. As a medical doctor I like to share my knowledge and my experiences in the field of medicine.

I will always try my best to post the contents which give you insights about your health and inspire and motivate you and share my knowledge.

Life is very short and time goes on. It waits for nobody. It just takes one step, the first step which is always difficult to take for our dreams, goals and aspirations which make us to think many times before we bring changes in our lives. We need to see things in  different dimensions, with optimism and love, irrespective of any circumstances we are in and change our attitude towards life. I would love to touch the lives of people to possess great health which may be physical, emotional and even mental health, which I believe is the most basic amenity of Human beings.

For instance, think about our circulatory organ pump – Heart, how many times it beats per minute to keep us alive. Nothing can replace it once it is damaged!!

I am really glad and appreciate that you are reading my blog. The content in the blog will be from the research works, facts, and journals and from my experiences. Hope it brings transformation in all aspects of our lives which may be about health, personal, psychological, motivational and known facts.

Why Stethoscope and A Cup of Tea…….?

These two things have become very important part of my life. As a professional, the soul purpose of life of all doctors is to practice and heal efficiently. It’s inevitable to be without these things. I have a weird craving for tea and I love it so much. So that’s why it is…………….….and a cup of tea.

Thank you and keep reading my blog. Et voila!